Xbox Series X|S launch dubbed “the largest in Xbox history”

Xbox Series X|S launch dubbed “the largest in Xbox history”

Champagne is in order over at Xbox, as executive Phil Spencer has revealed that the Xbox Series X|S launch has been the largest one in the company’s history.

As per a tweet sent out last night, Spencer revealed that in the first 24 hours of the console being on sale, more units were sold in more countries than any previous Xbox console. As a result, the company is said to be working with retail to resupply units of both consoles “as quickly as possible.”

However, in spite of the good news, Xbox certainly won’t be resting on their laurels, with Spencer telling The Guardian during an interview published yesterday that they won’t be releasing exact figures, saying “I don’t want my team’s focus on [console sales]. The primary outcome of all the work that we do is how many players we see, and how often they play. That is what drives Xbox.”

“If I start to highlight something else, both publicly and internally, it changes our focus,” he continued. “Things that lack backwards compatibility become less interesting. Putting our games on PC becomes a reason that somebody doesn’t have to go and buy an Xbox Series X. I’ll hold fast to this. We publicly disclose player numbers. That’s the thing I want us to be driven by, not how many individual pieces of plastic did we sell”

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