By request we have created yet another very popular Facebook game hack for Zynga Poker. This is very simple to use and all of the instructions are included in the download folder. We have made sure it is incredibly easy to use by including detailed instructions with the other files. This software will also work for Zynga Plus Poker which is the elite version of the game where you actually play for real money.

Download the folder here:


What you can expect to find in the folder:
Vision – You can see all players’ hands whenever you want. This even includes being able to see the dealers cards. In the output window you will see the players with their current cards beside. This is a really powerful tool that will pretty much ensure victory for you no matter what. Unless you have absolutely no idea what you are doing and don’t know how to play the game
Card Generator – You can change your hand to become whatever combination you want. If you want pocket aces then you can simply select them from the drop down menu and apply to the game. You will have a really tough time losing when you make use of this.
Generate Chips – You can add as many chips as you want to your account quickly and easily. We have also added the convenient option of being able to freeze the number of chips you have at any given moment. Freezing the chips will allow you to lose the hand but not actually incur any loss to your chip inventory.
Undetectable – We have made sure all of our packets and server calls fly far below the radar to ensure you never have to worry about being caught. That being said, if there is incredibly unusual activity on your account then you could have a problem with their automated detection system. If you are generating millions of chips and winning 100% of the games you play then there could be an issue that Zynga will immediately notice. Just be reasonable and win a few big hands here and there to stay in the green. Don’t worry about giving up (losing) a hand or two to make your play seem more natural.

There is incredible profit potential in these files as long as you don’t get greedy and make yourself stand out. We have included general guidelines for you to follow to make sure that your account remains in good standing but just use your brain and you should be fine. You won’t ever bet blindly ever again with this versatile tool. We believe there is everything that you could possibly need included but if for whatever reason you believe you need more then contact us.