As a result of increased demand, we have decided to put together an incredible hack tool for Wartune that will help you with almost every aspect of the game. We have used a very simple interface that is remarkably intuitive and will help you get familiar with the software quickly. As with all of our files, we are offering these completely free!

Download Link:


List of features:

  • Gold Hack: This feature is very simple but does its job very well. You will be able to enter any amount of gold that you would like to be added to the active instance of the game and apply it with the appropriate button. There is a tab designated specifically for this feature so you can’t possibly miss it. This is arguably the most important asset in the game so you will (obviously) gain a huge advantage. You needn’t waste your time farming any more gold!
  • Damage Amplifier:┬áSimilar to our other hacks we enjoy allowing the user to select how much their damage will be increased by. We use a percentage system that will allow you to increase or decrease overall outgoing damage. If you are entering any number higher than 100 then you will be increasing overall damage and of course less than 100 will decrease your damage if you need it reduced for any reason.
  • Damage Dampener: This is the counterpart to the feature listed above. This will reduce all incoming damage from attackers. It also takes a percent and will allow you to reduce damage all the way into negative digits! If you enter negative numbers in this field then you will actually gain life when attacked!
  • Instant Kill: As if damage amplification isn’t enough! We decided to quickly add this feature to allow you to one-hit (think head shot) any enemy you hit. You will not need to adjust your damage if you are using this because everything will drop dead immediately.
  • Speed Toggle: In the interface this is represented as a slider that will allow you to adjust the speed that your character moves. As with most RPGs, moving from place to place can be a bit of a drag so we decided to speed things along. It is always nice to be able to expedite travels that can take a ridiculously long time without assistance. This will make the game much more enjoyable and significantly less mundane.
  • Experience Generator: There isn’t a lot to be explained here but I will try my best. This is located in a separate tab in the interface that contains the level and experience modifiers and must be entered as an integer which means no decimal places. Enter the amount of experience you want in the input box followed by the big “Add” button next to it. Then move your character in the game to refresh the graphics and you should immediately see the results. We have included an instant level tool but we decided to include this as well so you can be more specific if necessary.
  • Level Boost: If you don’t want to bother with experience you can simply add levels one-by-one. The hack will automatically calculate the amount of experience required for the next level and will apply that to the current instance of the game. You can do this by pressing the big button below the experience section.
  • Teleportation: Wartune can get exhausting if you are walking around everywhere so we have added a nifty teleportation system. You can set as many waypoints as you like throughout the game, teleport to them at any time and save them for later use when you play next. There are instructions included in the file and the hotkeys are able to be mapped according to your preference. By default you will be using “Num Lock” (Number Lock) to create a waypoint and then the “home” key to cycle through. Once you get the hang of using this feature, it is very easy to use and will save you an enormous amount of time in walking and fighting.

Wartune is an awesome game that has been gaining a significant amount of popularity due to their aggressive marketing campaigns. If you have never heard of it before and you are interested in the RPG genre then give it a whirl! We have come to the conclusion that this game is an interesting mix of Fallout mixed with FF6 (Final Fantasy 6). It combines many elements of old and new RPGs and allows you to play online in modern fashion. We think that you have everything that you could possibly need but if you believe anything should be added or changed for any reason then let us know! We are here to help!