Tanki online is a great free MMO that you can access through your browser. Like many other massively multiplayer games it requires a significant dedication to advance to the higher echelons of the game. We have provided you with a multi-tool that provides a plethora of cheats for you to use and play with as you please.

Download The Files Free Here:


What these cheats will do:
Unlimited Health – You will now have the ability to freeze your health at its current level and also be able to restore 100% health by simply setting a hot key. We have made both of these an option based on feedback we have received from beta testers. We asked our testers which one they prefer and they responded with: “why not both?” Both of the options will keep you alive while getting pelted with rounds.
Speed – You will be able to set your speed multiplier to however fast you feel most comfortable. You will be able to essentially teleport around the map at the highest multiplier. This is really easy to adjust in our interface or while you are in game with a hotkey.
One Shot, One Kill – All of your shots will be instant kill regardless of what modifier you are using.
Rapid Fire – You will fire as fast as you can press the space bar regardless of what weapon you are using. If you hold down the key then you will fire a constant stream of death very similar to a laser beam as noted by our developers.
Wall Hack – You will be able to see through any and all objects in the game. Enemies will no longer be able to hide behind trees and buildings because you will be able to see them from miles away. This is a standard wall hack and if you have used any of our other similar software then you will know what to expect. Using this feature alone will still keep the game competitive but will also give you an enormous advantage.

Perhaps you haven’t played this game before so we will give you a little bit more information about what it is all about. Tanki Online is a stunning 3 dimensional browser game that truly demonstrates the progress that these types of games have made. You can sign up for free on their website (just use Google) and be up and running within minutes. Even if you are not a current player, we recommend you register for an account and give our free files a try. We guarantee you will have tons of fun annihilating everyone in the game mercilessly. All games are more fun with a little help!