This is a brand new set of hackss available for Runescape that will help you become a god on your private server. You will have options such as invincibility and the ability to generate gold with the click of a button. It can be a lot of fun to fool around on private servers because you are not risking your primary account. The security on private servers is often very sparse and easy to circumvent so we have taken advantage of that. This download will help you with every aspect of the game from leveling up your skills to simply moving around faster.

Download Here:


Features of this download:

  • Generate Gold – You are able to generate gold with the click of a button. Simply enter the amount of gold you wish to receive in the input box and click the “apply” button. Simple as that.
  • Level up Skills – Because you are not playing on official servers, you can easily set your skill levels by using a packet exploit that we have come up with. Set any skill you wish to the desired level and press “apply”.
  • Speed Hack – You can set your speed from slow as a snail to essentially teleporting. You can move throughout the map faster that it can load at times (depending on the hardware it is being hosted on).
  • Instant kill – Instantly kill your target with a hotkey. You can customize the hotkey if you please but by default it is CTRL+K. Enemies and even allies will go down instantly. It is a lot of fun to harass people by killing NPCs and themselves repeatedly.
  • All of this is possible because of the lack of security on private servers. Do not try this hack on official Jagex servers or else you run the risk of getting banned. We have separate hacks and bots available if you need help in that department. To see a full list of our software available for this game, check out our Runescape Category. There are an enormous amount of tools and bots constantly being added to the category and they are always updated by our in-house developers.
  • There are a number of other features that you will discover once you open up and play around with the software. Get creative and have some fun!

A lot of people decide to play on a private server because there are many limitations removed and it is a really nice break from the official servers that Jagex holds a tight grip on. It is really difficult to get ahead in some of these private servers because many people are cheating so why not start up your own little empire? It is very easy to set up and within minutes you can have an enormous amount of gold, items and skills built up.