Generating gold for Runescape has never been easier! We already have multiple hacks and cracks available for the game but the demand for a gold generator has gone through the roof! Since we create all of these files for you, the visitors, we are happy to respond to your demands! Download everything you need using the button below.

Download Link:


What does it do?
The title is relatively self-explanatory – this is software for Runescape that will allow you to generate large amounts of gold with the click of a button. This is a very specific feature that will simply add gold to your account and nothing but.

Will it work on official public servers?
Of course! We have a private server hack available that you can also grab for free. This application is for official servers and should prove very useful for those who play the game

How does it work?
We cannot divulge all of the intricacies of what is going on “behind-the-scenes”. We have worked very hard to find a method to trick the server into believing that you have more gold than you actually do. We have used a cleaver method that involves sending and manipulating packets as they are delivered to Jagex.

Set-up instructions
This couldn’t be any easier to get up and running. There is a text file included in the download that also explains how to use it. Here is what to do:

  1. Extract all files that are in the zip file that you have downloaded.
  2. Open up Runescape and log in before starting the software. This shouldn’t really matter because the hack will actively search for an instance of RS. Make sure that there is only one instance of the game open or else it may attach to the wrong one. It will find and attach to the first one it finds.
  3. Run the application (.exe) that is in the extracted folder.
  4. You should see your current gold count in the interface. This is simply just for reference.
  5. From here just enter the desired amount of gold that you want. You can add or remove by entering a higher or lower number (respectively).
  6. Press the big button labelled “Patch” at the bottom of the interface.

You will notice your in-game gold change after you move or refresh the screen. This is simply because the software does not send a message to the game letting it know to refresh. We took the simplest and “quietest” approach to stay below the radar. Safety first!

These files are updated to be compatible with the newest version of the game client. There are frequent updates similar to the rest of our downloads.