The first download we are going to be offering is Free Runescape Bots. We have provided a huge number of free programs and scripts to help facilitate your RS adventures. We have spoken to a number of different providers and programmers in order to put together this incredible package. We have received permission from all of the developers so that everything we are offering is completely legitimate. If you are looking for a free option for Runescape Bots then you shouldn’t look any further. Other providers will try and offer you a “free” package that will have you detected or banned very quickly. We are able to update all the files that are available through this website on a weekly basis to compensate for the frequent updates of Jagex. Our authors and developers take great pride in offering the most safe and reliable software that will not put your account that you’ve worked so hard on in jeopardy. All of our bots have been updated to ensure compatibility with old school Runescape servers. Everything you are receiving works for current as well as previous versions of the game.

Download Here:


Here are just a few of the amazing features that we have included:

  • Updated tree chopping script – you will be able to cut down anything with this. You will have no problem taking down Urns as well as Hardwood Grove.
  • Hunting Script – You will reach level ninety nine in a flash! Set it and forget it with our powerful algorithm that will not stop no matter what gets in its way!
  • Blacksmithing – This script will take care of all of the smithing and smelting that you have previously had to do by hand.
  • Quests – Get through those pesky repetitive quests with a click of a button. Set up the bot then watch a movie and forget all about it!
  • Thief Script – Get through pickpocketing and all the other facets of the skill without any problems!
  • Agility – This script is unstoppable. We have absolutely perfected this script to ensure it will keep going regardless of death or other interferences.
  • Fighting Script – You are able to set this up however you please. This script will allow you to go through whatever creatures, kill then and then finally return to the bank with all of your goods. Possibly one of the most powerful features we are offering.
  • Frost Dragons – Kill them with ease. We have got a rock solid rotation that will ensure you will never die and reap all of the benefits these dragons have to offer.
  • Grotworms – We have put together an amazing procedure that will pull in an enormous amount of GP per minute. We have tested it and ensured that it keeps up with even the best human players.
  • As well as too many more to possibly mention here. Everything is constantly updated.

Unlike other providers, we do not charge anything. You heard that right – we will never ask for a penny throughout the entire life-cycle of the game. We keep everything updated and are compensated through our sponsors. Have you been trying to reach the next level? Are you struggling to keep up with the elite players because of time constraints? What are you waiting for? Download all of our files completely free!

If you are ever curious about the software or have any questions about it then please do not hesitate to leave a comment or use the contact form for general questions on the website. We are always happy to add features or troubleshoot for you if there is anything left to be desired. We also welcome contributions if you are a programmer and are looking to get your software used by more people. We do put all software through a comprehensive safety analysis to ensure all of our users are completely secure.