This is the release page of our exclusive Neverwinter hack only available through our website. This hack contains a plethora of features you will not find anywhere else. We make absolutely certain that the files contained in the download are kept up-to-date to remain undetected and functional. A lot of hard work has gone into the development and upkeep of these files so please provide us with your honest feedback. We pay close attention to everything you say to improve our hacks and bots!

Download Here:



Features Include:

  • Customizable Bot: This feature is located within the “Bot” tab of the software. We have created a brand new customized botting system that is incredibly flexible and brings you dynamic features you won’t see anywhere else.
    • Create your own paths to traverse using our easy recording system.  Click the “Create Path” button and you will instantly start recording your movements. Make sure that the end of the path can walk straight to the beginning unless you have the “backtrack” option selected. The “backtrack” option will make you walk back the same way you came instead of walking to the first waypoint from the last.
    • Blacklist certain mobs through the appropriate text box labeled “Blacklist”. Enter names or parts of names (sub strings) that you would like to avoid.
  • Gold Hack: This is exactly what it sounds like – edit the amount of gold you have on your current character. This is embedded in the “Currency” tab and will allow you to enter the desired amount of gold to generate or lose. Entering a number lower than your current amount will reduce your current supply.
  • Speed Hack: Increase your movement speed by any increment of your choosing. Our software uses a 1-based value system meaning any number lower will slow you down while higher numbers will increase your speed. If you don’t understand what this means then just play around and enter numbers to see what they do. We recommend no to enter any number below 0 or higher than 100. The hack will give you a warning if you try to exceed these values. Make sure that the checkbox for this feature is checked or else it will be disabled by default.

We are the only website on the internet today that can offer these features in a self-contained executable that still remains undetected by the developers. Our team has intricate knowledge of the game and will always be one step ahead of Perfect World Entertainment. We thoroughly enjoy this game but some aspects can feel rather mundane so these tools will help speed through these undesirable moments and push your character to the next level.

We offer comprehensive support for all of our bots, hacks and tools. If you are experiencing any issues whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the comment form below or our dedicated contact page. Leaving a comment below is usually the best way to grab our attention and you will also be helping out other users by displaying your issue (along with our solution) to the public. If you would like to keep your predicament private then contact us directly. This particular software is compatible with all versions of Windows (XP and beyond). If you are using a Mac then simply download and install parallels or similar software to emulate Windows. You should be familiar with this process as a Mac user anyways because there are a wealth of restrictions implemented by Apple that make the game hack development process very difficult for our poor programmers. The point is that you will be able to install and run the software on any operating system but you may require a few tweaks.

Neverwinter is an incredibly fun game! If you haven’t started playing then download it for free from their website! Many of our developers here have a blast playing together and it is incredibly easy to get started! If you enjoy games like World of Warcraft then this MMORPG is for you! It is very similar to WoW but it will require a significant amount of additional skill because the game is much less forgiving.