You asked for it and now we are delivering! Welcome to our dedicated page for Jelly Splash cheats and hacks. We are providing you with a complete package of everything that you could possibly need to improve your score and impress your friends effortlessly.



What to expect:

Coin Generator: Coins are the in-game currency that are purchased with real-life money. They are used to acquire more hearts so that you can continue attempting levels without delay. This is the aspect of the game that the game developer, Wooga, intends to make money from. We have managed to bypass the encrypted server validation and have found a working client-side solution. Simply, this was a difficult feature to implement but we have managed to make it work through perseverance.

Heart generator: Without this feature, players have to wait 30 minutes to wait for hearts to come back. We have spent a lot of time on this cheat and have managed to cut down the wait time to five seconds. That is virtually no downtime which means that you will never have to buy coins again (even though we have included a coin generator).

Increase score: This is the most basic but most powerful feature that we have included in the hack. Simply enter the score that you wish to achieve in the input labeled “score” and you will be 100% guaranteed to finish the round with the score specified! This is the quickest and easiest way to beat the game with the highest score allowed by the game.

Change number of moves: You will be able to alter the number of moves that the game records you doing. In the appropriate input box, enter the number of moves you wish to use in your final score. You will then choose between “freeze”, “start here”, or “end here” depending on how you want the number to be applied. Selecting “freeze” will ensure that the number never changes

What do you know about Jelly Splash?
This game is very similar to the unbelievably popular Candy Crush that we all know too well. It is a winning game formula that has proven to be successful for countless game developers. We have been asked by countless people for months now to create a hack for jelly splash and have finally delivered! Submit your comments and suggestions and we will respond within 48 hours every time!