This is a little different from what we normally offer on this website. We walk you through the entire process of hacking a Runescape account and all you need to know is the name of the character on the account. You will have full access to their inventory, gold and character within minutes after a bit of practice. Get it before Jagex catches on!

Download the PDF tutorial Here:


We are offering the PDF as a download and not directly on this website to ensure the complete security of it. Jagex employees already do not have access to this website due to our IP address range restriction and they will additionally have to download the file. We are trying our best to keep this method under wraps so it works for as long as possible. We can promise that it is working at the time of writing this and you should get on it as soon as possible!

We generally offer software that allows you features that would not otherwise be available. This is a great social hacking tutorial that will trick Jagex into sending you all of the account information. It is really not as difficult as it sounds either. After giving this a few test runs I was able to average getting into an account within 10 minutes. It is a very little known secret and we are sharing it exclusively on this website. We will try our very best to make sure this trick will remain unseen by Jagex for as long as possible. We have blocked all of the IP address ranges from their connection so they have no access to this website at all. That is all we can do for now so you will have to get your hands on as many characters and siphon off the gold and items as quickly as possible.

We are not responsible for any of the damage that you cause and items that you steal. This is completely up to you and we are only providing a proven technique that is completely tried and tested. If you are looking for more legitimate ways to advance in the game then you should probably just check out our Runescape Category (found at the top menu of this website). We have tutorials, hacks and bots that will still offer an unfair advantage but will not directly negatively affect other players.

Good luck! If you have any comments about the process we have explained then please let us know! We are always looking for new methods and hints to improve the process. It can be a little overwhelming at first so if you feel like helping out fellow players then post your tips. We look forward to hearing back from you and good luck with the game!