A new hack has been put together for one of the most popular Facebook games available today: Game of Thrones Ascent. Our crack development team has put something together that will offer an incredibly unfair advantage to all users and is available free for download below. We have listed a small sample of the features below the big blue download button.

Download Free Now:


Features and Options:

  • Level Modifier: This is pretty open-and-shut. This simply allows you to modify your current level to whatever number you would like. Traditionally we (and almost everyone else) have only offered methods to increase levels. We have now allowed you to set your level to any number you please for increased flexibility.
  • Experience Generator: Instead of using the level modifier you will be able to generate the desired level gains in a flash via experience. This is just one more option that we have provided because some of you prefer one way over another. Both this feature and the one above will allow you to set your level to any number limited only by the level cap.
  • Silver & Gold Generator: You will be able to create as much of either resource as you want. This is obviously a major advantage because these currencies are very coveted. Silver can be really frustrating to grind especially later in the game. You also have the option of purchasing it with real currency which many players unfortunately resort to falling back on. Gold can only be purchased through in-game purchases so you will be saving an enormous amount of your hard earned money by generating both silver and gold. You can even go so far as to sell each of the currencies you generate at a discounted rate to other players for real life money.
  • Stats Modifier: The statistics of your character are obviously one of the most important element in the game. They are likely the most important depending on what you are trying to accomplish because you can be a low level with buffed stats and still kill characters of any level. You will be able to modify your stats in any way you want to create a completely customized character with amazing power.
  • Power Points: Generate unlimited power points instantly using a button in the interface. This is able to be used in a similar fashion to the experience and currency generators. When you hit apply, the selected amount of power points will be added to the current instance of the game. The hack is able to automatically find the first instance of the game when loaded so don’t worry about any complications.


This game is another fantastic Facebook title that was one of the top 25 most popular games of the year. The game is obviously based on the book and if you haven’t tried it yet then you are missing out! Many people have sent us amazing success stories of using our software to create amazing accounts and then selling them for huge profits afterwords. You are free to do whatever you want with the files that we provide so get creative and you can produce some interesting outcomes! Have fun!