Today we are proud to bring you a hack for Galaxy Life. Everything is provided in the free download package available using the big blue button below. We will list the perks and features along with their respective descriptions included in the software that we have developed free for you.

Get everything here:


Features Include (but not limited to):

  • Unlimited Coins, Minerals & Galaxy Chips: You will have virtually unlimited currencies of any sort. Stop spending real life currency on this game and download this free tool now! There are a few options for this feature that has a tab specifically for the section. It is incredibly easy to use and you should be immediately familiar if you have used any of our other software. There are input fields for each one of these currencies along with radio boxes (check boxes) that allow you to freeze the current amount. Enter the desired amount of the respective currency and use the button below to send the changes directly to the game. You should see the changes immediately. The same procedure applies to freezing your currency. If you don’t want to add any coins or minerals then you can simply select the appropriate check box to freeze everything the way it currently is. This way you can spend as much as you want without seeing a drop.
  • Indestructible Buildings: Your buildings will simply never take damage. There will never be any need for repairing which can (at times) become rather tedious. This feature can be toggled on and off using our snazzy interface.
  • Indestructible Units: Your armies will be invincible. You will be able to deal damage to enemies but will not receive any yourself. This is used and activated the same way as the feature above. We have made them separate features because some people prefer enabling one but not the other.
  • Experience Points Generator: Earning XP will be easier than you could possibly imagine. You will have absolutely no problem leveling up in the game and progressing insanely fast. Just use the provided scroll bar to select how much experience you want. Pulling the slider all the way to the right will bring you to the next level of the game. You can apply the experience with the button on the “experience” tab. It is very easy to use but we have included instructions in case you get lost.
  • And much more!


A quick review of the game:

Galaxy Life is a really fun “cute” strategy game that implements some very interesting social elements to add competitiveness. It is always more fun when you are able to compare your achievements to those of your friends and that is why our hack is so much more useful. “GL” takes place in a science fiction based universe that features dueling extra terrestrials that will definitely make you smile.  We’ve discovered that the game is a lot more fun once it’s been hacked!


We have received many comments regarding this game so we know it must be a popular one. Keep those suggestions coming! We do all of this for the love of the game in all of its many forms.