This is a very straightforward tool that we have developed specially for Webkinz that will generate unused codes with the click of a button. You will easily be able to create eStore points as well as codes for any pet that has ever been part of the game. It is incredibly simple to use and doesn’t require anything except for a computer.

Download Free Here:


How To Use The Code Generator:
The Webkinz eStore points generation section of the software will be displayed to you when you initially start things up. To use this feature you will first select how many points you would like to generate¬†from the drop down element in the interface. We have the option to choose 10,000 or 25,000 points at the moment but you may use the generator as many times as you like to generate infinite eStore points at any time. All of these codes generated will appear within a message box instantly as soon as you use the button. Once you have used the code, click “OK” in the dialog and you will be able to create as many more as you like.

If you would like to generate codes that come with the plush pets then simply use the second tab in the interface. This will present you with a separate menu that will let you choose which virtual pet you would like to generate. We make absolutely sure to keep the software updated many times per week so that you are able to generate the newest codes as they are released.Once you select the type of code from the list, simply hit the “Generate” button below and you will very clearly see the code that is generated in a message box.

About The Game:
Webkinz is a fun game that is generally played by children that allows the player to adopt a pet and inherit all of the responsibilities that emulate those of the pet in real life. It has combined interesting elements of education and fun into the game that make it truly addicting. The game has become increasingly popular over the last few years and will likely continue seeing exponential growth due to the replay value. The software that we are providing will allow you to generate points for the several separate paid elements of the game. The eStore is a section of the game and website that allows you to make in-game purchases. Using our software, you will no longer need to make purchases and will simply be able to generate codes that retail for up to $25.

We believe that games should be played to their full potential without breaking the bank so we try and help everyone out by providing this free software. Please leave your comments and feedback below or alternatively you can use our contact page.