We could not be happier to release a long-awaited hack for FireFall. We have received several hundred requests specifically asking for this game so we are delivering! If you are looking to take the game to the next level then this is this tool is for you. We have compiled a list of feature requests that have been submitted by our visitors and tried to include as many as possible. We are always adding and enhancing downloads available on our website so they stay up-to-date and functional. You can get all of the files below:

Get the files here:


What to expect from our FireFall hack:

  • Crystite Generator: Don’t bother spending countless hours farming this currency anymore. We give you the option to create as much as you like through the easy-to-use user interface we have developed. This feature was the most demanded among our users who asked us to develop this tool. Crystite is the primary currency in FireFall and can take an enormous amount of time to farm.
  • Speed Hack: This is self-explanatory. All of your actions will happen faster than any other players. There are many settings that will allow you to increase or decrease your speed as much as you like. Travel times in all MMOs are always excruciating so this will hopefully lessen the effect. Moving faster helps with all aspects of the game including PVP and PVE.
  • Accuracy Hack: You will not have to worry about aiming again. This feature will allow you to easily target enemies in PVP and PVE as soon as they become visible. An enemy is visible as soon as it is within a player’s line of sight (LoS) and you don’t even need to be facing in the right direction. This is obviously extremely powerful in PVP and should almost always ensure victory.
  • Invincibility: This feature is exactly what it sounds like. You will not take any damage while the invincibility option is enabled. Please be careful and do not abuse this feature in PVP. Although this hack is completely undetected, players can still report you which could potentially result in a ban. Go crazy and use this in PVE where other players won’t see.

Game Description:
In a futuristic environment, humans are powering their technology with a newfound energy source named Crystite. There has recently been a massive storm that disfigures anyone who dares to venture outside the protected area. Additionally, humans are now under attack by the brutal Chosen race who have spawned as a result of the chaotic storm. You will be playing one of the last surviving humans and it is your duty to get rid of the Chosen. You will also be tasked with survival in the newly arisen harsh conditions.

Please request new features using our contact page or comment form at the bottom of this page. We always answer inquiries within 48 hours maximum.