Everyone loves FarmVille 2 and we are happy to help you get better at it with this brand new hack our developers have just created! If you are looking for a new way to gain an advantage in the game then look no further! We have added an enormous amount of features for you to play around with and you shouldn’t need any other tool ever again!

Download here:


Generate Items – You will be able to generate any item that you could possibly need by selecting it from the interface and pressing the “generate” button. It will automatically be applied to your account through the clever use of sockets and packets. We won’t go through the specific algorithmic details of the software but you will not find this kind of dedication and attention to detail anywhere else on the internet.
Generate Money – We could all use a little bit more money of course. If you are ever low on money or you feel like you just want more then create as much as you like! Similar to the items generator, you will be able to select the amount of money and press the almighty “generate” button. You should see the currency being added to your account automatically but we have noticed you will sometimes need to restart the game.
FarmVille Bot – This is a brand new experimental feature that we have added. If you are ever running low on time then you can get this option playing the game for you automatically. There are a number of different options for you to tweak and play with depending on what you need planted and harvested. You are also able to set up a schedule to make the bot work carry out specific activities whenever you want. The bot will then, without your intervention, be able to complete these tasks without you needing to do anything! We have tested leaving the bot on for weeks and it will just keep going. This feature is only an option and if you would like to only use the other hacks then that is completely up to you.

Pretty much everyone knows exactly what the game is all about because it has notoriously been one of the most famous Facebook games ever created. It has literally set the stage for hundreds if not thousands of other similar games. Many games have used the winning formula provided by Zynga to produce what seem like exact clones with slightly different animations. The game has consistently been in the top 10 games since as early as 2009 which is nothing to laugh at.

Unfortunately the game relies on so many social aspects that become very frustrating for players’ friends and acquaintances. We have all seen FarmVille requests and invitations for a lifetime so let’s try to slow that down by gaining those advantages without sending out pesky messages.

Let us know what you think!