After a lot of compatibility testing we have come up with a similar program that can be used directly on your iPad or other mobile devices! Diamond Dash is very popular on the iOS so we received multiple requests to facilitate this compatibility. Enjoy blowing your friends’ scores out of the water!

Get all of the files with included documentation here:


We have previously created an amazing download for our awesome visitors but it was for the PC version. If you are looking for a complete list of features that we have compiled for the other files then you should check out our Diamond Dash PC Hack Download. It seemed rather redundant to reiterate all of the points that we included in the other packages when they are essentially the same thing. We are only working on a convenient interface for changing the color of the blocks and that will be implemented soon. That feature should be finished and added within a week or less. Whenever we update our files, we will generally comment on the page and automatically upload the new files. The download link will always contain the absolute newest version of the software available at that point. The files in this post will solely be for mobile devices and if you are looking for a computer (Mac or PC) then check the appropriate page on this website.

We are still working diligently to try and transfer all of the features over but we have got all of the most powerful aspects included. You will still have no problem getting enormous scores using what we are providing you with for your iOS device. As mentioned before, only one feature is still being transferred over because of complications but you will still be able to add/freeze the timer, boost experience and gain infinite lives without receiving them from friends. You will have basically everything you could possibly need to get huge scores!

Thank you so much for choosing Game DLsz we hope to be your number one source for game hacks, cheats, trainers and whatever else you could possibly need to dominate whatever you play! If you ever want to request files or features then you can do one of two things. Either you can leave a comment below or simply reach us through our contact page by filling out the form. Everyone on our team is notified when you fill out the form. We are also on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ so feel free to reach out to us there! Make sure to follow us for the most recent updates! Our average response time is under 6 hours and we can generally create a game hack in under week.