There are tons of different hacks, tools and scripts available for CrossFire but you could be risking your account every single time you use them. We promise that all the files that we provide for this game are completely safe and are tested on live servers daily to ensure they stay that way. We have compiled a short list of features on this page as well as documentation in the download folder to get you up and running in minutes.

Download Link:


Features of this hack include:

  • AimBot – You will have no problem with aiming ever again. Your aim will be permanently locked on to enemies who are within your line of sight (LoS) which means that it won’t try to hit enemies you can’t actually see. There are a few options that you will be able to choose from with the aimbot. The first option is being able to choose whether the bot will automatically shoot for you. You will be able to choose beetween manually having to pull the trigger and letting the software do all the work for you. The second option you can select in the interface is whether you would like a body shot or a head shot. Obviously if you have head shot enabled then you will have 1-hit kills almost every time unless something miraculously gets in the way of the bullet and your enemy.
  • GP Hack – You will be able to generate as much GP as you desire simply and quickly. Our easy-to-use interface will allow you to enter whatever amount that you like and then apply it to your account with the button below. We recommend that you add small amounts at a time like 20,000 in order to make it appear more natural. This will draw less attention to your account from the game moderators who are looking for this kind of activity. This is just a personal suggestion and you can add however much you want in whatever time frame you please. Sometimes you will have to restart the game in order to see the changes but joining and leaving a game should work just as well.
  • Guns – Forget about ever having to buy new weapons and wasting your time. You can get any gun in the game quickly and easily. Why go through the effort of farming GP for days until you can purchase something if you can just apply it to your account within seconds? We are always updating this feature so that it supports all of the different guns in the newest release version on live servers.
  • Rank Hack – You can promote yourself to any level you want. Just choose from the drop down menu and apply changes. This option is very straight forward.
  • See Through Walls & Chams – This works very well with the custom skinning option that we have provided. You can see through any material in the game including boxes, walls and anything else that gets in your way. You will truly know what it is like to be in a glass house. This is a lot of fun if you use it alone and don’t activate any of the other features because it will give you just enough of an edge. Just using this alone will allow you to still enjoy the competitiveness of the game and we recommend giving it a shot (no PUN intended).
  • There are plenty of other features that we have included but didn’t mention. These come standard in most FPS cheats and would be a waste of our time to explain. The best way to figure out what everything does is to try it out! Play around a little – it’s a game!

Let us know if we are missing anything or if you are having any problems. We are here to help! Leave a comment or reach out to us through the contact form on the appropriate page. Happy Hacking!