This page has been created for our Company of Heroes 2 hacks but have also included the legacy (Company of Heroes 1) hacks that our developers have previously programmed. We decided it would make more sense to simply combine the pages because they have similar features and have the same title.

Download Link:


Note: Please make sure that you are using the files for the appropriate game before contacting us about our files not working. We have received several bug issues that were actually users simply using the wrong version. We have now clearly separated the two packages and you will see distinct folders for CoH 1 and CoH 2 Hacks once extracted.

CoH Hack Features:

  • Resource Generator and Modifier: Create as many fuel credits, munitions and manpower as you would like quickly and easily. Without the tool you will have to capture flagged points on the map to get these resources but we have made things much easier. In addition to modifying your existing resources, we have added the ability to simply freeze any of your current resources. This is a convenient way to be able to disregard usage and focus solely on other elements of the game.
  • Promote All Units: You will be given the option of automatically promoting new/existing units or manually promoting units. Both options make it easy to give three stars to all of your units in whatever way suits your play style best.
  • Damage Amplifier: Make your units do more damage! All attacks coming from you can be amplified by customized amounts. Our interface makes it easy to change the amount of damage that your units inflict using a percentage system that allows increases as well as decreases if you’re up for a challenge.
  • Weather Editor: You now have the option to choose your preferable weather conditions through the interface. Change the temperature and edit all of the options that the game’s weather engine offers. This is particularly helpful if your units are being afflicted by frostbite.

About Company of Heroes:
CoH 2 is an extremely engaging and competitive RTS (real-time strategy) game created by Sega and Relic Entertainment for the PC. It was created as a result of the overwhelming success of the first title and offers entertainment for players of all skill levels. You will be placed in the heat of WW2 and will be able to play through some of the most iconic battles from the era. There has been many improvements over the first CoH title that provide enhanced gameplay and countless hours more fun for the player. You can pick the title up on the Steam store if you’re thinking of purchasing it.