This brand new program will give you an absolutely massive advantage in the Car Town Streets game for Facebook. Everything that you could possibly need has been thought of and included in what we are providing you. We have created this hack as a result of requests made through our contact page (which is the best way to reach us).

Download all files and documentation:


What you will get:

  • Cash & Coin Generator – As with most of our hacks, generating gold coins is as easy as entering the desired amount and applying with the button on the appropriate tab. We always try very hard to make everything user friendly and painless to operate. We recommend that you only add in small amounts because the game moderators are looking for unnatural influxes that aren’t possible with legitimate play. All of our code is undetectable but the way you use these files is important.
  • Speed Hack – Things like upgrades tend to move very slow in this game and can be very tedious. We have given time a helping hand and have provided you with a speed multiplier option. What this means is that normal time is at 1 (100%) and can be changed through the interface to play at faster speeds. If you were to enter 2 in the speed field and apply the changes, you will be playing at double (200%) speed. You may also use this option to slow down the game by using a number less than 1. This is useful if you need more time to make a decision somewhere along the line. It is very simple to use once you get the hang of it so just play around to your heart’s content.
  • Race Hack – You will win every single race regardless of how you perform. This is very powerful and can allow you to play the game with a small advantage if you don’t use the other features of this tool. Of course you can enable and disable any or all of these features to create the desired experience.
  • Unlimited Fuel – You will never run out of fuel ever again! This is a really handy time saving feature that we have offered because we found it extremely tedious to constantly refuel even with never ending coins.
  • XP Generator – You asked for it – you got it! We are proud to say this was one of the most difficult aspects of the tool to develop and we finally cracked the code. Add XP in small increments to ensure everything looks natural from the game developers’ perspective. All of our software is completely silent and doesn’t leave a footprint but it depends how reasonably you use it.
  • Unlock All Cars – Instead of unlocking each car separately we have decided to include this feature that opens up all cars to you. This will obviously save you a ton of time and get you in your dream car as soon as possible! You will have tons to pick from once this is enabled.


About the game:

You will begin the game looking at a rather barren land completely devoid of cars that needs to be populated. This is a classic city building game that will have you generating cash and investing it to properly build up the city. After you have made some progress you will be able to unlock buildings and whatnot. It is a free to play game that tends to charge you for the things in-game that you really want. The game has to make money somehow, right? There is a lot that you get without spending a dime though which is the most important thing to us players. With the files we have provided, you will never need to spend anything!

We seem to be on a roll with these popular Facebook games as they seem to be the ones that are by far the most requested by you folks! Keep ’em coming!