It has been a while since we publicly released any new downloads for you all. We have been very busy keeping our existing files up-to-date to make sure they remain undetected and working! Anyways, today we are giving everyone Bejeweled Blitz by cracked and ready to play by PopCap games.

Download here:


In addition to a crack for the game to make it available whenever wherever you are, we have also included a cheat or hack (whatever you want to call it). This hack will help you get those elusive scores that you could never reach and get you out of some crazy sticky situations! We all know this game can get frustrating quickly so we have included a little help if you need it.

This isn’t usually the kind of thing that we offer here on the website but we received numerous requests for a working portable copy to be made available for everyone. So we went hard to work in our coding caves and came out with something very impressive! You no longer need to be connected to the internet to play the game wherever you are. This means that you can pop a copy on your portable flash drive and get moving right away!

If you are not familiar with Bejeweled then I am personally very surprised. This game has been incredibly popular for many years and is truly timeless because it relies on solid gameplay instead of flashy graphics. Similar to Tetris, this game will be just as good now as it will be in twenty years. It is simply addicting and requires you to think progressively more quickly as you work your way throughout the many levels of difficulty. Now you can get better at the game even without an internet connection.

If you encounter any difficulties we will try our best to walk you through your issue. We have included detailed setup instructions. Have fun!