Our fantastic programmers have come up with yet another amazing piece of software for APB: Reloaded. This hack will provide you with an incredible array of options depending on exactly what you are trying to achieve in the game. The download link is below followed by a breakdown of the features and options you will be presented with when you open the application.

Get the files here:


This software includes:

Premium Hack: Enjoy all of the benefits of being a premium member without shelling out the money in real life. This option is located under the membership options tab in the interface along with a number of other features.

G1 Credits (G1C) Generator: If you play the game then you will know that these are the in-game currency that is used by GamersFirst that is usually purchased with real-life currency. We have managed to generate GamersFirst Credits completely free through the currency tab in the interface.

Golden Weapon Mod: Turn all of your weapons into premium gold weapons by selecting the checkbox in the application. It is turned off by default.

Aim Hack: This feature is pretty self-explanatory but there are a number of different options that come with it. We provide you with the option to auto-fire (shoot your gun automatically) if you want everything done for you except moving. There is also the option to only fire headshots where you will be knocking off heads with pinpoint accuracy every time.

See Through Walls: This is very similar to our other software’s wireframe visibility. This will allow you to easily look through walls and see enemies long before they can see you. Friendlies and hostiles will be shown as different colors for you to easily differentiate. This is very powerful and will give you an enormous upper hand to surprise others.

All of the features of this hack are completely optional and can be turned on and off through the interface or through customizable hotkeys.

Important: Make sure that you are logged in to your account before using any of the options above. You may run the software before opening the game and it will automatically attach itself to the instance of the game as it spawns. The same thing goes for multiple game instances – the hack will always apply to the first instance of the game based on the process ID (pID). If you don’t know what any of this means then don’t dismay! Just run the application, log in and start playing around with the tool.

About the game:

APB: Reloaded is a great free-to-play game that everyone here at GameDLSz has come to enjoy greatly while creating this software. Many of these game hacks are created as a result of demand by our visitors and market research so we often do not have any experience playing. We obviously have to become well-versed and learn the game inside out and backwards before creating software that is useful to a hardcore player. We have grown to love APB and have been playing it competitively in the office so if you haven’t experienced it yet then give it a shot (no pun intended)!